We're With The Band
Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Dreg, Ivan and Michael reconvene to talk about Ivan's old news papers, Dreg's trip to the David Bowie Is exhibit at the MCA, and Michael meeting a fan/stalker in the mall. Also, fat people hurt inside.

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Ivan and Michael discuss Star Wars Episode VII, Jurassic World, the black Spider-Man outfit, Secret Wars, Parliament and stories of walking in on our parents doing it. Also, scary noises come from places that aren't Dreg's ass.


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WWTB cross over with Drunken Nerd Guild guest Josh Gruber and the Undertaker. ExciteBike, Mortal Kombat, Witch Hazel and Dreg Jackson Three Way Attorney at Law. What is massage porn (again)? How much paper work goes into a Ménage à trois? How do you pickle Raccoon Parts? Welcome to Chicago...where's your arch?

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Michael, Ivan, Dreg and The Undertaker come together to discuss Michael's new career in Truckin', Ivan's goth Andy Rooney moment at H&M, The Undertaker's controversial new grooming choices, and Dreg's shock and awe, when The Undertaker reveals a dirty little secret. Also, Jesus was a teenage vampire!

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Michael, Ivan and Dreg return to the imaginary boat, with guests Griff Baron and Kim Duncan. Once again the hot sauce & vodka concoctions take over, as Griff becomes a professional pitch man, Dreg won't quit singing Frozen, Iggy Azalea and Spin Doctors songs, Ivan gets regular with Activia, and Kim brings the WWTB tradition back as Michael gets slapped. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis has a dick!


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The vodka is flowing and the hot sauce is burning, when Griff Baron and Kim Duncan join the boys for an "All-Star Edition" of We're With The Band. Michael grills Kim about her close encounter with Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. Ivan and Griff tell tales from "the Kill Hannah days" and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Also, everyone urges Dreg to grow a beard, while he welcoms the crew upon his boat... kind of.

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The boys get back to basics. Dreg farts and Michael steals a car to visit the girls in Nashville. Dreg farts again and Ivan questions why his drummer is coaching youth soccer ala Rodney Dangerfield. Dreg farts some more and Dreg plans an ill-fated podcast boat party. Also, Dreg has a stinky ass.

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Ivan and Michael take the show to the pit of despair, aka Dreg's basement. Dreg shows off his finger paintings and looks at naked pics of Ivan's exes, while Michael criticizes him for naming a star and eats a dirty pear. Meanwhile, Ivan finds chandelier made out of dildos and drinks all the booze in the house. The end.

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Michael and Ivan go to the movies to see Kevin Smith's podcast inspired horror film TUSK. The boys talk about the film's origins, review it and relate it to WWTB, while Ivan plots to drug Michael and lead him to a remote location, in the hopes of changing him into a Walrus of his own.

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While the Sheriff Scabs band are in the recording studio, working on their new E.P., Ivan is continually baffled by Michael's recreation of the 1980's Nickalodeon Double Dare game show set. Dreg finds a picture of Michael finger-banging an unknown girl. And Michael addresses the massive amount of positive feedback recently recieved from Retention Pond Honeys.

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The trio returns, as Michael explains how his drunken drummer tried getting freaky with him at a recent Nine Inch Nails concert, Ivan receives a listener e-mail from his singer's hand-raping past, and Dreg tries to find naked pictures of his bass player's ex on the internet.

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Michael calls Ivan in for an emergency podcast. RetentionPondHoneys.com gets mentioned and discussed by Jensen "Hot Karl" Karp and Matt Robinson on the Smodcast network's Get Up On This podcast, and the results couldn't be funnier. Also, Robin Williams is dead, someone might have recently had a threesome, and Ivan thinks Michael is the new Howard The Duck.

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While Dreg is off being lazy somewhere, former bandmate and friend of the podcast, Karen "Bambi" Righeimer steps in to join Ivan and Michael. Together they talk about Ivan's enounter with Black Panthers, horny fat chicks and potbelly pigs, during his recent tour. Also, Karen's failed first dates, Michael's ongoing class action lawsuit and more goth talk!

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In this latest installment of "Sheriff Scabs goes to the movies," the gang reviews Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but leaves Dreg at home, knowing that he'll just say "I AM GROOT" throughout the podcast. Michael explains his love/hate relationship with Howard The Duck, John defends his beloved Star Wars, Karen wants to reverse cowboy Madmartigan, and things get saucy between Ivan and The Undertaker.

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While Ivan's away on tour with another band, Ivan's girlfriend "The Undertaker" joins Michael and Dreg behind the mic. Together, they talk about Ivan's "un-muff" grooming experiment, his annoying pet-peeves, his dick pics, his big nose, his unwillingness to sleep naked, and all the other painstaking tasks that come with dating the world's most hated bass player. Also, Michael gets slapped again.

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Legal action was inevitable, but the boys take it in stride... with yelling, anger, spontaneous singing and Goth Talk. Also, The Battle of The Bush continues with more grooming talk. We're 50, bitches! Let it go!

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While Michael is away on sabbatical, Ivan and Dreg take the reigns and sling some serious shit his way. Secret lives revealed! Also, tattoo talk, enemas, colonics, strip clubs, grooming, and someone gets sent to the cornfield.

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As the boys come up with theme songs for each other, Michael brings the noise, Dreg's arms are wide open, and Ivan expresses his love for the tv show Renegade. Also, Marry Fuck Kill: The Hollywood Goth Edition.

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Dreg takes a quiz to see how white he is, Ivan listens to old embarrassing voicemails and Michael finally gets around to doing his fleshlight. Also, the women of Moseley (Suzie Chism, Abby Hairston and Christy Callaway) return to pay a brief visit with the boys and once again play some marry, f*ck, kill.

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Ivan and Michael sit down with Karen "Bambi" Righeimer to talk about all things X-Men, after a screening of Days of Future Past. Together they discuss how Michael IS James McAvoy, Ivan's issue with JLaw's blue bodysuit, and how Karen would totally reverse cowboy Wolverine. Also, Nights in White Satin!

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It's Michael & Ivan vs. Godzilla and Spider-man in a showdown to the death! Playing for keeps! Winner takes all! Shots are on me and burritos all around! Actually, they just talk about Song of The South and Michael can't wait to stop the show. The End.

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One of Ivan and Michael's oldest mutual friends, Bald Scott, joins the podcast to talk about evading the cops, old people porn and late 90's misadventures in northern Illinois. Also, Ivan gets in a bar fight and Michael loses a taco.

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The boys continue their conversation with guest P. Griffin Baron. Ivan reveals what he wants for his funeral, Michael;s family accuse him of racism, Dreg avoids questions about his sexual feelings towards Dave Grohl, and Griff fixes a hot tub. Also, Old Sailors and Black Women.

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Friend of the podcast and one time Sheriff Scabs guitarist P. Griffin Baron re-joins the boys to talk about Bar Rescue, Adam Carolla, The Goonies and how he hates his grade school teachers. Ivan attempts to throw himself under the bus, while Dreg attempts a Cirque du Soleil stunt. Also, Michael wears his shoes on the wrong feet.

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Michael and Ivan talk about KISS's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Hot Topic stalkers and ghetto leprechauns. Ivan finally gets around to watching Grosse Pointe Blank, Michael wonders if Geena Davis is still bangable, and they preview the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Also, Ivan eats a burrito!

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Michael and Ivan go back to the theaters to see and discuss the next chapter in Marvel's Avengers saga, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." Or as Ivan calls it, "The best Lethal Weapon sequel you will ever see." ESPN Radio's Sarah Spain also makes a brief cameo, as Michael tells the tale of how he tried to win a date with her, after an unsuccessful attempt to sell herself on ebay. And Ivan finds more ways to mention "Herman's Head."

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The boys answer listener e-mails about Led Zeppelin and bartender pet peeves. Ivan drunkenly spouts off on his Russian heritage (again), Dreg dances to Bonnie Tyler and Michael answers the immortal question, "Have you ever had a broomstick in your butt?" Also, Marry Fuck Kill: the Jennifer edition.

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Michael watches an Iron Man themed porno, Dreg almost catches a glimpse of the elusive Liam Neeson's cock, and Ivan calls Dreg out on the recent actions of his boy, Justin Bieber. Also, the boys issue a challange to the Tell 'Em Steve Dave podcast.

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What are gams? Where did the term "goth" come from? Is the lady bush back? What makes a girl good in bed? How do you talk to black girls? Does Michael ejaculate cheese? Where should we eat? Ivan and Michael have so many questions and so little time, and they also find an old ticket to a weird ass circus!

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Michael and Ivan discuss truth in advertising, whether or not to be offended by a remake ala Robocop, the trouble with the Sochi Winter Olympics and the world's view of Russia. Also, more goth talk and a moving tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Michael, Ivan and Dreg are joined by special guest Anna Broughton. Together, they discuss Michael and Anna's trip to Hollywood for the Grammys, Ivan's gripe with the Brawny man and Dreg's inability to hide his teeth. Also, Michael gets slapped in the face.

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Michael and Ivan ignore, alienate and offend the listeners, while discussing "goth shaming", X-Men vs. The Moody Blues, and talking dolls of the 80's. Also, gay Canadian superheroes!

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Ivan and Michael are joined by Ivan's sister Dr. Hobo. On this blustery winter day, Ivan delves into the worlds of Yukon Cornelius and The Unibomber, Michael explores the rich history of local tv personality Rich Koz, and Hobo enlightens us all on the 90's PBS Kids series Ghostwriter. Also, John Cusack is a loser.

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Filled with remorse, regret and a heavy hangover, the boys (as well as several e-mailers) reflect on the DRUNK! episode, Ivan gets his bible back, Michael gets a filthy present, and Dreg gets a last name. Also, Dreg is not dead!

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Year One Anniversary! The boys get very drunk, very loud and start dialing.... Michael's hair catches fire, Ivan (literally) has a glass shattering meltdown, Dreg goes behind the curtain and dies...or disappears. Guests Dylan Ryan, Jeanette Rodgers, Linday Gavin, Moseley's Abby Hairston & Suzie Chism, Griff Baron, John Weaver, Jess Reed, Anna Broughton, Kim Duncan, Dr. Hobo and Karen "Bambi" Righeimer.

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