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Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Michael and Ivan predict what's going to happen in Marvel's Infinity War, the finale of the great MCU tournament, celebrity deaths, struggles with ear hair, and the attraction of manly looking ladies.

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Michael and Ivan discuss the power of Multiple Man, what if Candyman merged with Willy Wonka, and the next round of the great Marvel tournament. Fallout from the Four Color Demons rally makes Ivan start to see eye-to-eye with Michael, as he unveils the next chapter in the foreign girl saga. Also, Ivan still sounds like crap.

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Michael and Ivan join a motorcycle gang, and go to a biker rally with Tell 'Em Steve Dave's Brian "Q" Quinn (Impractical Jokers) and Bryan Johnson (Comic Book Men), and live to tell the tale. Also, with wizarding world of Pinball with Tractor Dad.

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