We're With The Band
Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Michael and Ivan ask how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of Google. Also talk about recent concerts with Lush, Rob Zombie and The Misfits, as well as Ghost Rider in Marvel's Agents of Shield, odd movie sequels and Sly Stallone's singing career.

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Michael and Ivan watch 1989's Ghostbusters II and they don't want to talk about it. Luckily, they discover the magic that is Bobby Brown's music video for On Our Own, featuring Donald Trump, Christopher Reeve, Iman, and The Ramones playing a tuba.

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In leiu of seeing the all-female Ghostbusters movie, Ivan and Michael sit down to watch the 1986 cartoon The Real Ghost Busters: The Boogieman Cometh. Then Michael and Kim Duncan see / review the Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy & Thor starred film afterwards.


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Michael and Ivan are back to talk about Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends again and DC comics Rebirth. Michael has an odd encounter with a Miami cab driver and questions if Nicki Minaj ripped off Fefe Dobson. Ivan explains Milwaukee baseball, hears an American classic for the very first time and has an encounter with a lady cop during a MR RUSSIA show. Also, Kimmy Schmidt gives us weird boners.

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Michael, Ivan and Katie The Undertaker discuss Ghostbusters sexism outrage, stories of pedestrian outrage, two-headed movie racism outrage and X-Men Apocalypse outrage. Also, Marvel comics, Voltron and Disney's The Black Cauldron. Buh-buy La Bamba.


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Michael, Ivan, and Katie The Undertaker give their thoughts on Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. Cap v Iron Man, Vision's sweater v Scarlet Witch's illogical outfit, Sebastian Stan v Sebastian Shaw, who's your favorite Avengers?, and a theory tying Hydra to David Bowie's Blackstar.

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Michael, Ivan and Katie the Undertaker continue the conversation on a new Casper Mattress, brought to you by a better podcast than theirs. http://casper.com/FEaB
Also, thank god Gene Hackman is still alive.


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Michael returns to Chicago to tell Ivan and Katie the Undertaker about the horrors of Florida, tales from Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, and getting lucky with a listener. Also, the Batman v Superman aftermath, Katie wants some chicken and Ivan finds out that Gene Hackman isn't dead.


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Michael and Ivan & Katie The Undertaker attend separate screenings of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and somehow give two separate but nearly identical reviews. Katie girl crushes on Wonder Woman, Ivan longs for another Mark Snow score, and Michael gets lost in the movie theater parking lot. Also, Spoilers! Bruce Wayne's parents die! Twice!

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As Michael gets ready to leave Chicago for Florida, the boys reminisce about the last three years of podcasting. Ivan adds another chapter to the Curse of the Handshake saga, Dreg unveils his plan for Robo Man Groomer: the Roomba for your butt!, and what would Michael look like as Kingpin Wilson Fisk? Also, the return of the buffalo nickle!

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Kim Duncan once again joins the boys, as Ivan celebrates David Bowie's 69th birthday, Michael unearths ungodly keepsakes from his past, and Dreg tries to explain his version of will power. Also, an Oliver Platt conspiracy, MSU vs. Iowa, the so-called return of the cassette tape, Making A Murderer, the next Hollywood blockbuster, and lots and lots of Burnett's flavored vodka.
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Ivan, Michael and Griff drink bright blue wine coolers and cover Ivan & Undertaker engagement rumors, Die Hard on Christmas, helicopter parenting, Creature From The Black Lagoon vs. The British, fictional character real names, Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, and obscure Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon characters from 1987. But will they cut the episode short and go out to see Star Wars again instead? Bo Jackson knows. Also, Bo Knows banking.

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