We're With The Band
Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Michael and Ivan go to the movies to see Kevin Smith's podcast inspired horror film TUSK. The boys talk about the film's origins, review it and relate it to WWTB, while Ivan plots to drug Michael and lead him to a remote location, in the hopes of changing him into a Walrus of his own.

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While the Sheriff Scabs band are in the recording studio, working on their new E.P., Ivan is continually baffled by Michael's recreation of the 1980's Nickalodeon Double Dare game show set. Dreg finds a picture of Michael finger-banging an unknown girl. And Michael addresses the massive amount of positive feedback recently recieved from Retention Pond Honeys.

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