We're With The Band
Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Dreg gets into a fight, Ivan teaches us how to twerk, and Michael teaches us how to tweeze your ball sack. Also, a listener complains how the show isn't as good as it once was.

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Ivan and Michael get old and curmudgeonly as they try to make sense of Miley Cyrus and twerk phenomenon. Ivan is still into Kesha. Michael finds out what it's like to relax when he goes off the grid. More Sheriff Scabs Fall Tour updates. Also, the boys geek out when they look forward to the Summer movie season... of 2015. Batfleck!

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