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Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

The boys go over their "Best of" and "Worst of" lists for 2013, including best album, worst song and what they're looking forward to in '14. Also, Michael fields a complaint, Dreg plays "Dear Abby" and Ivan is hiding something behind the curtain... but what is it?

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While Sheriff Scabs get ready for their show at Elbo Room in Chicago, the bous argue over how to properly number the show. Michael answers relationship compatibility questions, Ivan celebrates gay marriage and Dreg lies to his wife about reasons she can't listen to the podcast.

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Part 2 of 2. While Sheriff Scabs and Moseley plot against each other for the last show of the tour, Dreg has questions about ass wiping, Abby falls asleep on the toilet, Michael's Bing Crosby impression takes on a life of it's own, Suzie talks about more Suzie things, Ivan is confused by Michael's massage porn habits, and Christy worries that a malicious game of "Marry F*ck Kill" might be real.


Part 1 of 2. The boys from Chicago and the ladies of Nashville hit the road through Chicago, Battle Creek, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland and Milwaukee. Michael sings Little Mermaid songs, Suzie gets engaged, Dreg does yoga in a cornfield, Abby gets very drunk, Christy works a nail salon and Ivan is a dick.

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Dreg brings in a guest (Jon Rice) from jolly old England to chat with Ivan and Scabs about an disturbingly odd picture from tour, God vs Ms. Piggy, and the bastardization of the English language. Also... BOOBS!

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As the boys get ready to take off on tour, the podcast gets back to it's old way. Poop stories, grooming tips, new vocabulary, and the return of MFK. Also, a bigger name podcast threatens to sue WWTB.

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Dreg gets into a fight, Ivan teaches us how to twerk, and Michael teaches us how to tweeze your ball sack. Also, a listener complains how the show isn't as good as it once was.

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Ivan and Michael get old and curmudgeonly as they try to make sense of Miley Cyrus and twerk phenomenon. Ivan is still into Kesha. Michael finds out what it's like to relax when he goes off the grid. More Sheriff Scabs Fall Tour updates. Also, the boys geek out when they look forward to the Summer movie season... of 2015. Batfleck!

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Michael rants on his hatred for the over saturation of zombies in pop culture, Dreg contemplates the desire to have a fork stuck in one's penis, and Ivan dies. Also, Suzie Chism discusses adds to the legend of Sheriff Scabs and discusses the Sheriff Scabs / Moseley 2013 Fall tour.

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The boys further discuss Sheriff Scabs' upcoming tour with Moseley, someone from Ghost B.C. mysteriously knows Michael, Ivan goes to Nashville and Dreg heckles Disturbed. Also, "if you had a hot sister, but you didn't know it was your sister..."

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Michael and Ivan discuss their plans for a Fall 2013 Tour with Moseley.

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Ivan and Michael discuss the pros and cons of necrophilia. In a hypothetical situation, of course. Also, Michael is afraid of armpits.

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It's a podcasting orgy when Michael, Ivan and Dreg join forces with supermodel Erin Belle, musician Suzie Chism and returning guest, film maker John Weaver, to shoot a Sheriff Scabs music video. Suzie unveils intoxicated audio from the night she first her of Michael Scabs. Also, boners across America!

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Michael goes on the bling date from Hell, Ivan finds some treasure and Dreg listens intently, hoping for the worst.

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Michael unearths a box of old, disturbing high school love letters. Dreg weirdly goes where John Weaver's gone before. And Ivan... Ivan does more Ivan things.

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In his absence, once again, Dreg's longtime friend John Weaver sits in with Ivan and Scabs to talk about their friend's secret misadventures behind his back, as well as questions of faith, dreams about Home Improvement, the new Star Wars, and the upcoming filming for Sheriff Scabs' new video, "Reaction."

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Scabs and Ivan chat with Hollywood makeup / special effects artist Linday Gavin and professional professional Jess Reed about the deep, dark and dirty underbelly of the movie industry, sexting, Night Court and the adventures of Linday's old band with Ivan, MR RUSSIA. Also, the boys go to see Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith's podcast live, where they review the new Jay and Silent Bob cartoon movie from within the theatre.

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Ivan and Scabs have an in depth conversation on the inner workings of the jazz and rock scenes with Dylan Ryan- drummer for Cursive, Herculaneum, Ether Feather, Michael Columbia, Sand, Icy Demons, Rainbow Arabia, and Scabs and Ivan's pre-Sheriff Scabs outfit Black Country Rock. Also, the boys get into a heated discussion on the pros and cons of the live music festival experience, as well as Kelly McGillis's bathing scene in Witness.

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In this ultra-musical episode, Scabs, Ivan and Dreg mark the passing of music giants, sing Slayer songs, sing Kriss Kross songs, sing made up lyrics to would be George Jones songs, more sex toys, more listener emails, and more Dreg screaming. Also, the boys go out to see Iron Man 3.

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Special guest P. Griffin Baron joins the boys in the WWTB podcast studio. In which they discusses the many film versions of Batman, Michael and Griff reenact an online battle Ivan had with a Craigslist ad responder, and Ice-T makes Griff a steak.

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Now come one, come all to this tragic affair. In this wildly emotional episode of WWTB, Michael Scabs and Ivan mourn the death of My Chemical Romance, while Dreg fears the worst in the presence of Ivan's Fleshlight. Also... We want your boobs!

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It's a well known fact that Ivan likes girls who do situps. It's also a well known fact that Ivan has a history of saying things that upset people. In this listener e-mail-centric episode of WWTB, Ivan responds to his haters, while Scabs and Dreg discuss the history of their old band. Also... more Marry, F*ck, Kill.

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Episode Bowie features Scabs, Ivan and special guest Jade Ingardona, chatting about the life, the career and their mutual love for all things David Bowie. From his early days as Ziggy Stardust to his brand new album The Next Day, the WWTB crew get down and dirty on The Thin White Duke. Also... Hoggle, bitches!

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Scabs, Dreg and Ivan take a short, but sensual look back on the first six episodes of the podcast, to recall a few moments that somehow escaped us all. Also... Dreg tries breast feeding!

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Episode Six. Scabs wonders what it'd be like to get water boarded, Ivan is accused of being a lot lizard, and Dreg becomes a Pterodactyl. Also, FUPA (NOOOOOO!!!).

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Episode 5. Drip is still sick, but rejoins Shug and Scabs anyway. Ivan has teories on Jodie Foster, Dreg is disturbed by mother-daughter porn, and Michael answers more listener e-mails. Also, more chat about fruit f*cking.

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Scabs and Ivan discuss the events of the day, and relate it to a similar story from their past, in which Scabs is prone to harm chidren.

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Michael tries to read listener e-mails, Ivan talks about Tom & Jerry cartoons and Abe Vigoda (again), while Dreg tries to get them both to admit embarassing sex secrets. Also, the boys discuss improper public bathroom etiquette.

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