We're With The Band
Michael Scabs, Dreg and Ivan Russia, of the Chicago rock band SHERIFF SCABS, bring their rehearsal space banter to the digital airwaves, covering everything from music, movies, classic television, sex, adult beverages and the often hilarious stories that come with being on the midwest rock scene. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Michael, along with John Weaver, Karen, David and Christy, go to see Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and report back to Ivan, who is boycotting every Star Wars property, after the fallout of The Last Jedi. A new trophy is given out for the biennial Star Wars prediction contest. Also, Ivan presents Michael with a Christmas miracle in the form of Bill Cosby

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The boys reconvene after a summer break. Ivan has a great fall and gets vertigo. Michael becomes obsessed with ASMR videos. And discuss what songs belong on a best of movie soundtrack compilation playlist. Also, is it a summer sausage or a pickle in a bag? You decide.

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Michael, Ivan, Noah and Jordan take in an unlikely double feature, and review 2019's reboot of Shaft, along with Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home. Apologies in advance for celebratory background explosions, loud Icee-Pop slurps, and all the J Jonah Jameson drops.

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Michael asks Ivan about the new release from his new band Bellhead, and soon discover how Kevin Kline has been in every item of media since they were born, before once again falling down the Marilyn Manson rabbit hole.

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Ivan, Michael and John Weaver dress up as white trash and go to a monster truck rally. As they fall down the rabbit hole, they discover the histories of Grave Digger, Bigfoot, Truckzilla, and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Also, John goes out to get his teeth brushed.

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After a midnight showing on the eve of it's release, Ivan, Michael and Noah Bones stay up til the wee hours of the morning to share their SPOILER filled Avengers Endgame thoughts. Also, Michael's got a Thor bod.

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In this episode of Captain Marvel U.S.M.C., Michael and Ivan review the fantastic new DC movie featuring the OG Cap. Also, Ivan unveils a new scheme and a reason for him to start dating Brie Larson, and Michael may or may not have finger banged a minor. Spoilers... He didn't.

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Michael and Ivan review the new higher, further, faster, (work it,
make it, do it, make us, harder, better, faster, stronger) installment in the MCU- Captain Marvel: 90's Nostalgia Space Warrior


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In a rare morning show, Michael tells a harrowing story about how he almost got into a #MeToo situation with a young woman on his birthday. Ivan weighs in on everyone's surprise that an old white cowboy was possibly racist in the 70's. Also, autistic Hanna-Barbera cartoons of yore.

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Ivan unveils his and Karen's new band Bellhead, while Michael enjoys the government shutdown with a free trip to the Grand Canyon. Also, thoughts on Captain Marvel's use of Elastica, The Rock's new Calvin & Hobbes movie, and revisting Bill Cosby's Picture Pages.

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In a special post-holiday episode, Michael and Ivan discuss what they got for Christmas, whether or not Ivan should have sex with a dead ex's sister, and if it's ok for Michael to pursue his newly found 6th cousin... hypothetically speaking, of course.


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Michael and Ivan visit with Bald Scott and Ms Alex, on their visit to Chicago from Montreal. The boys tell Alex stories about living on the sketchy mean streets, while she corrects their misconceptions of the Great White North. Also, it's time for the percolator!

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Ivan blasts election voter social media attention mongering, Michael goes to a Bears game with Dreg and his kid, and then discuss the pros, cons, ins and outs of the Greatest Hits compilation, including but not limited to Tom Petty, Nine Inch Nails, Prick, Liz Phair, Gary Numan, The Matrix and Katy Perry.

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Michael and Ivan go to see The Predator. Ivan helps old folks move and gets a new bed, Michael goes to a middle aged celebrity bachelor party, and together they dive into the curious realm of the Undercover Girl.

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Michael and Ivan convene to talk about events in the wake of Dreg's magical Indiana pool party. Ivan prepares Michael for the worst on his upcoming date. Ivan realizes that his world parallels that of Strong Badia. Michael cancels his MoviePass. Also, I wanna tell ya 'bout my friend the Dwarf Star.

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In what may be the final episode before they start their new "woke" podcast, Michael and Ivan discuss outrage over outrage culture, more Mission Impossible, feeling old at Lollapalooza, and the foils of planning a boys night pool party at Dreg's house.

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Ivan and Anthony review the greatest 80's action movie of all time, 2018's Mission Impossible: Fallout - a wonderfully inexplicable film centered around Tom Cruise not knowing how to run and Superman's facial hair.

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Ivan and Michael go to see Marvel's Ant-Man and The Wasp, but get distracted by a Cicadoidea Cop, George Jefferson, the Baba Yaga, and Ghost. Also, Ivan searches for more Creature from the Black Lagoon figures and Michael plays the Russian villain during the FIFA World Cup.

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Michael, Ivan and Anthony "Get Buckets" and learn valuable life lessons, when they go out to the movie event of a lifetime, the basketball family film, UNCLE DREW! Brought to you by Pepsi MAX.

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Michael, Ivan and Anthony get together to discuss the latest installment in the Deadpool / X-Force Marvel-Fox film franchise. But more importantly, they make way for UNCLE DREW!

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Michael and Ivan take their Xanax and dive into the depression fueled stress factory that is the family fun summer blockbuster Marvel's Avengers Infinity Gauntlet War Thing Part 1. May Thanos spare us all. 

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Michael and Ivan predict what's going to happen in Marvel's Infinity War, the finale of the great MCU tournament, celebrity deaths, struggles with ear hair, and the attraction of manly looking ladies.

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Michael and Ivan discuss the power of Multiple Man, what if Candyman merged with Willy Wonka, and the next round of the great Marvel tournament. Fallout from the Four Color Demons rally makes Ivan start to see eye-to-eye with Michael, as he unveils the next chapter in the foreign girl saga. Also, Ivan still sounds like crap.

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Michael and Ivan join a motorcycle gang, and go to a biker rally with Tell 'Em Steve Dave's Brian "Q" Quinn (Impractical Jokers) and Bryan Johnson (Comic Book Men), and live to tell the tale. Also, with wizarding world of Pinball with Tractor Dad.

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Michael and Ivan begin a March Madness tournament bracket featuring all the current Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. Ivan discovers a secret sex dungeon at the Field Museum. And Michael enters the next bizarre chapter of his unrequited Ukrainian love saga.

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Ivan, Michael, Karen Righeimer and Kevin Martenson name the top five women they admire, and also talk about the Death of Toys R Us, the near death of Kevin Smith, and Ivan's aspirations to one day become Carol Kane.

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Michael and Ivan try to solve racism by going to see Black Panther, and comparing it to their recent viewing of Marvel's Man-Thing movie. Ivan has grooming suggestions for Kevin Feige. While Michael spends most of the movie looking for his phone on the theater floor.

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As Michael and Ivan prepare to see Black Panther, they question the release timing of other Marvel MCU trailers, Ivan rediscovers forgotten 90's music and tries to remember the lineup of New Order, and Michael tries dating a Ukrainian woman using pre-internet methods.

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Michael and Ivan are joined by a complete stranger, and one time founding father of the podcast, Dreg. Together they talk about what it was like being in a band with each other and take you behind the scenes of an EP that has been six years in the making. Also, true life horror stories of anal exploration.

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Ivan further expresses his disgust for Star Wars The Last Jedi, while Michael expresses his disgust for people with moles. Also, are Elizabeth Banks, Margot Robbie and Senator Marco Rubio the same person?

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Michael and Ivan are joined by a panel of friends and Star Wars enthusiasts for the opening night of Episode VIII. Does comedy belong in the SW saga? Will the Porgs eat human flesh? Why does Snoke look like a Bee-Gee? And who will bring home The Second bi-annual Golden Greedo trophy? Also, Ivan hates Mr Magoo.

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Michael and Ivan take a break from going to the movies, to basically talk about more movies. Ivan is still hung up on Justice League and wonders how DC can correct it's previous mistakes with Flashpoint. Michael falls in love with LUSH cosmetics store clerks and remembers fondly of the classic arcade game Rampage. 

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Michael and Ivan (and to a certain extent Billie Kay) go to see the new DC superhero teamup comic book movie, Justice League. Superman! Batman! Wonder Woman! Flash! Aquaman! Cyborg! Green Lantern? J.K. Simmons! Truth, justice and the helpless Russian immigrant way!

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Michael and Ivan watch and review the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok. But they are easily sidetracked by the memories of forgotten 1980's television. Also, avoid The Noid.

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The annual "Crowtober" film retrospective is back, where Ivan and Michael watch the 1996 witchy teen horror The Craft. In which they discuss the history of Kraft foods, movie rape and racism in the 90's, the term "negroids" and the hot new game, "Is this LIVE or Our Lady Peace?"

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Michael and Ivan discuss the drunken details of Ivan's first outdoor music festival. Ivan wants everyone to get off his mind-lawn, while Michael argues the many benefits of standing over kneeling.

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Michael and Ivan discuss new prosperities and life on the road. Ivan picks a political party. And Michael reviews Oceans 11 for hillbillies. Stay wooden. Stay hard.

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The cicadas are in full force as Michael and Ivan go to see Atomic Blonde and solve the mysteries of the universe. Ivan has a new movie pitch. Michael defends Barenaked Ladies. Also, crappy movie directors driving their teenage offspring to suicide.

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Michael and Ivan see Spiderman: Homecoming and have a conversation about hot Aunt May, Vulture, Damage Control, Marvel and Sony, RDJ, Donald Glover, Miles Morales, Captain America, that fat Asian kid, the Presidential Fitness Award... all the WWTB standards.

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Ivan and Michael visit The Field Museum, and tell tales of meeting the Biggie Smalls Bushman, secret scientist sex rooms, and lounging amongst the peregrine falcons. Also, weathermen stop Ivan from using the bathroom and Michael's pants keep falling down.

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Longtime Lynda Carter fantasizers, Ivan Russia and Sheriff Michael Scabs, review the new Wonder Woman film. Will Ivan finally enjoy a DC movie? Will Michael keep pleasuring himself to the thought of Gal Gadot? Did the boys figure out a future plotline involving Bane? Great Hera!

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Michael and Ivan, along with Dr Hobo, Ma Russia and Pa Russia, give their thoughts on Marvel Studio's Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and reactions to the trailers for Thor Ragnarok and Star Wars episode VIII The Last Jedi. Also, I'm Marry Poppins y'all!

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After several attempts to air the milestone 100th episode, Michael and Ivan give up and just Skype each other to talk about Marvel's Defenders, Agents of Shield, Iron Fist and redheads in animal print. Also, Felecia Day boners ala the new MST3K.

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Michael and Ivan reconvene to talk politics. The politics of remaking The Crow movie soundtrack, that is! Also, stories staring Strong Bad as the ex-girlfriend.

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Michael and Ivan ask how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of Google. Also talk about recent concerts with Lush, Rob Zombie and The Misfits, as well as Ghost Rider in Marvel's Agents of Shield, odd movie sequels and Sly Stallone's singing career.

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Michael and Ivan watch 1989's Ghostbusters II and they don't want to talk about it. Luckily, they discover the magic that is Bobby Brown's music video for On Our Own, featuring Donald Trump, Christopher Reeve, Iman, and The Ramones playing a tuba.

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In leiu of seeing the all-female Ghostbusters movie, Ivan and Michael sit down to watch the 1986 cartoon The Real Ghost Busters: The Boogieman Cometh. Then Michael and Kim Duncan see / review the Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy & Thor starred film afterwards.


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Michael and Ivan are back to talk about Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends again and DC comics Rebirth. Michael has an odd encounter with a Miami cab driver and questions if Nicki Minaj ripped off Fefe Dobson. Ivan explains Milwaukee baseball, hears an American classic for the very first time and has an encounter with a lady cop during a MR RUSSIA show. Also, Kimmy Schmidt gives us weird boners.

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Michael, Ivan and Katie The Undertaker discuss Ghostbusters sexism outrage, stories of pedestrian outrage, two-headed movie racism outrage and X-Men Apocalypse outrage. Also, Marvel comics, Voltron and Disney's The Black Cauldron. Buh-buy La Bamba.


Direct download: podcast_060416_pt1.mp3
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Michael, Ivan, and Katie The Undertaker give their thoughts on Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. Cap v Iron Man, Vision's sweater v Scarlet Witch's illogical outfit, Sebastian Stan v Sebastian Shaw, who's your favorite Avengers?, and a theory tying Hydra to David Bowie's Blackstar.

Direct download: 93mp3.mp3
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Michael, Ivan and Katie the Undertaker continue the conversation on a new Casper Mattress, brought to you by a better podcast than theirs. http://casper.com/FEaB
Also, thank god Gene Hackman is still alive.


Direct download: 92.mp3
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Michael returns to Chicago to tell Ivan and Katie the Undertaker about the horrors of Florida, tales from Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, and getting lucky with a listener. Also, the Batman v Superman aftermath, Katie wants some chicken and Ivan finds out that Gene Hackman isn't dead.


Direct download: 91.mp3
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Michael and Ivan & Katie The Undertaker attend separate screenings of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and somehow give two separate but nearly identical reviews. Katie girl crushes on Wonder Woman, Ivan longs for another Mark Snow score, and Michael gets lost in the movie theater parking lot. Also, Spoilers! Bruce Wayne's parents die! Twice!

Direct download: WWTB.mp3
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As Michael gets ready to leave Chicago for Florida, the boys reminisce about the last three years of podcasting. Ivan adds another chapter to the Curse of the Handshake saga, Dreg unveils his plan for Robo Man Groomer: the Roomba for your butt!, and what would Michael look like as Kingpin Wilson Fisk? Also, the return of the buffalo nickle!

Direct download: pod89.mp3
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Kim Duncan once again joins the boys, as Ivan celebrates David Bowie's 69th birthday, Michael unearths ungodly keepsakes from his past, and Dreg tries to explain his version of will power. Also, an Oliver Platt conspiracy, MSU vs. Iowa, the so-called return of the cassette tape, Making A Murderer, the next Hollywood blockbuster, and lots and lots of Burnett's flavored vodka.
Direct download: no_more_dick_draggers.mp3
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Ivan, Michael and Griff drink bright blue wine coolers and cover Ivan & Undertaker engagement rumors, Die Hard on Christmas, helicopter parenting, Creature From The Black Lagoon vs. The British, fictional character real names, Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, and obscure Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon characters from 1987. But will they cut the episode short and go out to see Star Wars again instead? Bo Jackson knows. Also, Bo Knows banking.

Direct download: Mondo_Gecko_Escapes.mp3
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... WWTB went to the opening night premier of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Michael wants a Jamocha Jedi, Katie The Undertaker stops Ivan from throwing more money at the movie screen, Karen Righeimer gets emotional and crushes John Weaver's BB-8's, and Dreg is still talking about The Hunger Games. Also... SLOTHS DON'T TELL JOKES!


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Ivan and Michael return to Dreg's house, and try to figure out what's he's been doing, after being absent for 10 episodes. 9 month old e-mails are read, Scott Weiland is remembered, and the upcoming Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens episode is previewed. Also, Dreg make an unbelievably bad Indian joke.


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With November in full swing, Michael, Ivan and Katie The Undertaker prematurely celebrate Christmas. Also, a Puscifer concert review, Star Wars talk, David Bowie talk, Michael craps himself at work, Ivan goes all Andy Rooney when he learns about the Paris attacks, and Katie literally goes ham about Kmart.

Direct download: Big_Men_Never_Die_Easy.mp3
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Well, shit on me! Crow-tober comes to an end, as Michael, Ivan, Katie the Undertaker and Josh Vicari take a look at the 1994 gothic-action original, The Crow. Starring Brandon Lee, Ernie "Ghostbusters" Hudson, Tony "Candyman" Todd, Bai Ling, James O'Barr stealing a TV and lots of corrugated metal.


Direct download: shit_on_me.mp3
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Crow-tober gets slightly better as Ivan, Michael and Katie the Undertaker indulge in the 1996 sequel, The Crow: City of Angels. Starring Vincent Parez, Mia Kirshner, Beverley Mitchell, Thuy Trang: The Yellow Ranger, Thomas Jane: The Punisher, and Iggy Pop as Ricardo Montalban.
Direct download: crow2.mp3
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Crow-tober continues on We're With The Band Goes To The Movies, as Ivan, Michael and Katie The Undertaker dive into the third installment of the Crow series, The Crow: Salvation (aka The Crow: I Like Her Mouth). Starring Kirsten Dunst, Eric Mabius, Fred Ward, William Atherton, and a school bus.


Direct download: crow3.mp3
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In the first installment of We're With The Band Goes To The Movies, frustration sets in as Michael and Ivan unsuccessfully try to make sense of the abysmal film "The Crow: Wicked Prayer." Starring an inexplicable cast of Eddie Furlong, David Boreanaz, Tara Reid, Danny Trejo, Tito Ortiz, Daymond John, Macy Gray, and the late, once great Dennis Hopper.

Direct download: crow_wicked_prayer.mp3
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79: Jared Fogle Was Right!

Ivan and Michael return to talk about wedding shenanigans, Ivan's understanding of modern politics, Dreg's strange text messages during a MR RUSSIA concert and how Michael can't help relating everything to Marilyn Manson. Also, anything that's ever been talked about on the podcast is wrong. #DavidKoreshWasRight

Direct download: wwtbjared.mp3
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Michael and Ivan are 2 Legit 2 Quit, as they dive into the video for MC Hammer's hit single, as well as Addams Groove from The Addams Family movie, and other pop music conundrums from 1991. Also, What ever happened to P.M. Dawn?

Direct download: Hammer.mp3
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Scabs and Russia return to talk about old sitcoms, talking dolls, Ivan's fascination with bad Fantastic Four reviews, Ivan's pessimism for Batman v Superman & the Deadpool movie, Ivan's general outrage over other people's outrage, and Michael's new Louis Vuitton sunglasses, which he did not buy.


Direct download: 77.mp3
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The boys return, with special guest Chadillac, to basically rail on Dreg for being stupid. Together, they board a watercraft upon Lake Michigan to dissect his idiotic text messages, as well as Jurassic World, Weezer, the Confederate flag controversy, robots, cleaning robots, sex robots, and their collective disbelief in vampires.

Direct download: 76.mp3
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The boys return to talk about Dreg's trip to Mexico, Ivan's trip to the dirty South, Michael's affair with Pimp Juice, the debut of Katie's Corner, Star Wars, Mad Max, shark attacks and airplane stories: playing with death at 40,000 feet. Also, "Who's gonna get me homo time!"


Direct download: 75.mp3
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Michael, Ivan and Katie the Undertaker go to see Avengers: The Age of Ultron. Will Ivan get to see his white Vision? Will Katie get a Jurrassic World girl boner? Will Michael deliver on his promise to make episode 74 the greatest show in podcast history? Probably not. Also, Stan Lee makes a cameo.

Direct download: WWTB_74.mp3
Category:Comedy / Pop Culture -- posted at: 2:55am EST

Michael goes to Florida and drops a bombshell, which could rock the band and podcast to it's very core. Ivan waits in line to score some rare David Bowie on Record Store Day. Also, the boys give their thoughts on Jared Leto's Joker, a Tom Waits musical, and Michael's hatred for old people.


Direct download: 73.mp3
Category:Comedy / Pop Culture -- posted at: 8:29pm EST

Michael and Ivan are back! The do's and don'ts of band t-shirts, punching Marilyn Manson, James Bond Spectre, and getting towed in Chicago. Also, Katie The Undertaker & T-1000 defend their podcast hijack.

Direct download: 72mp3.mp3
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The boys take time out from mixing their new record to talk about Dreg's first viewing of The Breakfast Club, Michael's take on a controversial Batman comic, and Ivan's curiosity about The Extreme Tour. Also, how do you feel about oral sex on the toilet?

Direct download: 71.mp3
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April Fools! The women of WWTB hijack the podcast while the boys are away making records. No topic is too squeamish! Who's slept with who in the band? Who's grooming their nether regions into the Batman logo? Sleazy sex stories both with and without the band. Marry F*ck Kill the band, and the common denominator that is hatred for Ivan. With Katie the Undertaker, Karen Bambi Righeimer, Courtney, Jess Boston, Jeanette, T the Undertaker, Nadia G and Alicia G of Ganser.
Direct download: 70AprilFools.mp3
Category:Comedy / Talk -- posted at: 10:57am EST

The boys return to the liquor store to catch up on Dreg's lastest sexual dreams, Ivan's apocalyptic nighmares, and the latest WWE Diva wrestler Michael has been stalking. Also, Ghostbusters, gloryholes, and did Sheriff Scabs have sex with a foot?


Direct download: WWTB_69.mp3
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The boys take a brief timeout from recording the new Sheriff Scabs album to let you know they are not dead. Also, Ivan releases a new MR RUSSIA video, Michael follows the WWE and Dreg tries to deny his hatred for Asians.


Direct download: 68.mp3
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The boys sit down with Chicago musicians Alicia G and Nadia G of Ganser, to talk about their upcoming ep 'Less.' Ivan chats about producing the band's release, while Dreg hijacks the interview with his own personal questions and Michael celebrates his birthday at Shoney's.


Direct download: 67_Ganser_fix.mp3
Category:Music / Comedy -- posted at: 9:39pm EST

"Want to play a game?" An ill advised drinking game comes with inebriated consequences for this season two finale. The boys recap their year and learn how well they know their friends, all culminating in no pants podcast! With special guests: Katie The Undertaker, Jade Ingardona, Kim Duncan, Karen Righeimer and John Weaver.
Direct download: 66.mp3
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Dreg, Ivan and Michael reconvene to talk about Ivan's old news papers, Dreg's trip to the David Bowie Is exhibit at the MCA, and Michael meeting a fan/stalker in the mall. Also, fat people hurt inside.

Direct download: WWTB_65.mp3
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Ivan and Michael discuss Star Wars Episode VII, Jurassic World, the black Spider-Man outfit, Secret Wars, Parliament and stories of walking in on our parents doing it. Also, scary noises come from places that aren't Dreg's ass.


Direct download: WWTB_64.mp3
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WWTB cross over with Drunken Nerd Guild guest Josh Gruber and the Undertaker. ExciteBike, Mortal Kombat, Witch Hazel and Dreg Jackson Three Way Attorney at Law. What is massage porn (again)? How much paper work goes into a Ménage à trois? How do you pickle Raccoon Parts? Welcome to Chicago...where's your arch?

Direct download: WWTB_63_Drunken_Nerd_Guild.mp3
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Michael, Ivan, Dreg and The Undertaker come together to discuss Michael's new career in Truckin', Ivan's goth Andy Rooney moment at H&M, The Undertaker's controversial new grooming choices, and Dreg's shock and awe, when The Undertaker reveals a dirty little secret. Also, Jesus was a teenage vampire!

Direct download: SlayerPatch.mp3
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Michael, Ivan and Dreg return to the imaginary boat, with guests Griff Baron and Kim Duncan. Once again the hot sauce & vodka concoctions take over, as Griff becomes a professional pitch man, Dreg won't quit singing Frozen, Iggy Azalea and Spin Doctors songs, Ivan gets regular with Activia, and Kim brings the WWTB tradition back as Michael gets slapped. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis has a dick!


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The vodka is flowing and the hot sauce is burning, when Griff Baron and Kim Duncan join the boys for an "All-Star Edition" of We're With The Band. Michael grills Kim about her close encounter with Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. Ivan and Griff tell tales from "the Kill Hannah days" and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Also, everyone urges Dreg to grow a beard, while he welcoms the crew upon his boat... kind of.

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The boys get back to basics. Dreg farts and Michael steals a car to visit the girls in Nashville. Dreg farts again and Ivan questions why his drummer is coaching youth soccer ala Rodney Dangerfield. Dreg farts some more and Dreg plans an ill-fated podcast boat party. Also, Dreg has a stinky ass.

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Ivan and Michael take the show to the pit of despair, aka Dreg's basement. Dreg shows off his finger paintings and looks at naked pics of Ivan's exes, while Michael criticizes him for naming a star and eats a dirty pear. Meanwhile, Ivan finds chandelier made out of dildos and drinks all the booze in the house. The end.

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Michael and Ivan go to the movies to see Kevin Smith's podcast inspired horror film TUSK. The boys talk about the film's origins, review it and relate it to WWTB, while Ivan plots to drug Michael and lead him to a remote location, in the hopes of changing him into a Walrus of his own.

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While the Sheriff Scabs band are in the recording studio, working on their new E.P., Ivan is continually baffled by Michael's recreation of the 1980's Nickalodeon Double Dare game show set. Dreg finds a picture of Michael finger-banging an unknown girl. And Michael addresses the massive amount of positive feedback recently recieved from Retention Pond Honeys.

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The trio returns, as Michael explains how his drunken drummer tried getting freaky with him at a recent Nine Inch Nails concert, Ivan receives a listener e-mail from his singer's hand-raping past, and Dreg tries to find naked pictures of his bass player's ex on the internet.

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Michael calls Ivan in for an emergency podcast. RetentionPondHoneys.com gets mentioned and discussed by Jensen "Hot Karl" Karp and Matt Robinson on the Smodcast network's Get Up On This podcast, and the results couldn't be funnier. Also, Robin Williams is dead, someone might have recently had a threesome, and Ivan thinks Michael is the new Howard The Duck.

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While Dreg is off being lazy somewhere, former bandmate and friend of the podcast, Karen "Bambi" Righeimer steps in to join Ivan and Michael. Together they talk about Ivan's enounter with Black Panthers, horny fat chicks and potbelly pigs, during his recent tour. Also, Karen's failed first dates, Michael's ongoing class action lawsuit and more goth talk!

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In this latest installment of "Sheriff Scabs goes to the movies," the gang reviews Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but leaves Dreg at home, knowing that he'll just say "I AM GROOT" throughout the podcast. Michael explains his love/hate relationship with Howard The Duck, John defends his beloved Star Wars, Karen wants to reverse cowboy Madmartigan, and things get saucy between Ivan and The Undertaker.

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While Ivan's away on tour with another band, Ivan's girlfriend "The Undertaker" joins Michael and Dreg behind the mic. Together, they talk about Ivan's "un-muff" grooming experiment, his annoying pet-peeves, his dick pics, his big nose, his unwillingness to sleep naked, and all the other painstaking tasks that come with dating the world's most hated bass player. Also, Michael gets slapped again.

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Legal action was inevitable, but the boys take it in stride... with yelling, anger, spontaneous singing and Goth Talk. Also, The Battle of The Bush continues with more grooming talk. We're 50, bitches! Let it go!

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While Michael is away on sabbatical, Ivan and Dreg take the reigns and sling some serious shit his way. Secret lives revealed! Also, tattoo talk, enemas, colonics, strip clubs, grooming, and someone gets sent to the cornfield.

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As the boys come up with theme songs for each other, Michael brings the noise, Dreg's arms are wide open, and Ivan expresses his love for the tv show Renegade. Also, Marry Fuck Kill: The Hollywood Goth Edition.

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Dreg takes a quiz to see how white he is, Ivan listens to old embarrassing voicemails and Michael finally gets around to doing his fleshlight. Also, the women of Moseley (Suzie Chism, Abby Hairston and Christy Callaway) return to pay a brief visit with the boys and once again play some marry, f*ck, kill.

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Ivan and Michael sit down with Karen "Bambi" Righeimer to talk about all things X-Men, after a screening of Days of Future Past. Together they discuss how Michael IS James McAvoy, Ivan's issue with JLaw's blue bodysuit, and how Karen would totally reverse cowboy Wolverine. Also, Nights in White Satin!

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It's Michael & Ivan vs. Godzilla and Spider-man in a showdown to the death! Playing for keeps! Winner takes all! Shots are on me and burritos all around! Actually, they just talk about Song of The South and Michael can't wait to stop the show. The End.

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One of Ivan and Michael's oldest mutual friends, Bald Scott, joins the podcast to talk about evading the cops, old people porn and late 90's misadventures in northern Illinois. Also, Ivan gets in a bar fight and Michael loses a taco.

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The boys continue their conversation with guest P. Griffin Baron. Ivan reveals what he wants for his funeral, Michael;s family accuse him of racism, Dreg avoids questions about his sexual feelings towards Dave Grohl, and Griff fixes a hot tub. Also, Old Sailors and Black Women.

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